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Badminton Announcement

The Grade 7's and 8's will have the opportunity to sign-up for the M. C. Knoll qualifying tournaments for the badminton team.  The singles' tournament will be on Monday, March 26th for both the boys and girls.  Boys' and girls' doubles will be on Tuesday, March 27th.  The mixed doubles' tournament will be on Wednesday, March 28th.  M. C. Knoll can send 2 for each category for the big elementary tournament on Thursday, April 19th.
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Racquetball Announcement

Tanner Prentice from Saskatchewan Racquetball Association has been doing introductory lessons for students in Grades 3 to 8 at our school.  He will be in the Gloria Hayden offering a session from 5:30 to 7:30.  Check it out!  $5.00 to experience and learn about racquetball.

Intramurals - Grades 3 to 8

The intramurals have resumed for all grades involved.  The Grade 3/4 Intramural is "Rapid Fire".  It's also "Rapid Fire" for the 5's and 6's too.  The Grade 7/8 Intramural is "Bump".  Ask your son or daughter about the details.  Lots of fun, exercise, and a healthy snack.

Basketball Announcement

The boys' basketball has been preparing for their upcoming season.  On Thursday afternoon, the boys will battle the St. Mike's Stars in an exhibition game.  The tip-off will be at 2:00 in both gyms.  Come on out and cheer on the Knights in the first annual "Christmas Classic".